I guess at the very beginning. I first found the love of the Toy Aussies through my friend Valerie Nilsson.  We were traveling the circuit of the Horse World Shows selling horse tails, manes and forelocks.  Yep you read it right and yep it was a pretty exciting and rewarding experience.
It was while we were on one of these trips that Val brought with her a cute little puppy by the name of Lizzy.  I fell in love with her right off and caught the bug.
After weeks of spending hours and hours, including sleepless nights trying to find the type of Toy Aussie I was looking for on the Internet, I was finally led to Ruth Vanderhoof.
Ruth was kind enough to take me under her wing and has been my mentor ever since.  I will never be able to repay Ruth for all she has done for me right down to actually saving my life.
I was spending some time at Ruth's getting dogs bred and preparing for a dog show.  How the Lord made the arrangements to make sure I was at Ruth's at this crucial time I'll never know and that in and of it'self is another story.  But besides Ruth's and my strong passion for our adorable dogs, Ruth and I share another passion.  Shopping!!
With a dog show coming up you have to go shopping for show clothes!  Well it was on one of our shopping sprees that I nearly "shopped till I dropped".  I didn't know you could actually do that but I'm here to testify to you that you can!
I had been having slight chest pain and shortness of breath that entire day but nothing serious.  That evening when we finally returned home from our shopping extravaganza I mentioned to Ruth that I hadn't been feeling quite right and that I thought I would go lay down for a little while.  She agreed and went off to do the evening chores . . . I thought! But before I knew it she was right back.  "You're going to the hospital" she said.  And Lyle (Ruth's husband) won't take NO for an answer so you might as well get in the car.
The hospital was 9 minutes away. . . . So they told me.  I swear that trip took at least 9 hours and 9 minutes! The pain was increasing.  Well, I ended up staying at the hospital a few days . . . . having had a heart attack!
Through all this, I saw Ruth like I've never seen anyone before.  Not only was my life in peril and her feeling the heavy burden of my care on her shoulders, but things at her home in the kennel were just as bad if not worse.  She had puppies dying left and right for no known reason.
Late the same evening and immediately after she and Lyle left from hospitalizing me, Ruth ended up in emergency care at the vets with sick and dieing puppies.  She was up all night with those little puppies,  never sleeping and then back with me early the next morning.  She went non-stop between me and those poor  little pups.  She wouldn't give up on either of us.  Luckily I survived but all but one of those poor little puppies didn't.  It was all but more than Ruth could bear.  The burden of everything all at once was so heavy.  I'm sure had Ruth not been so consumed with my well being and care, more puppies could have pulled through. But Ruth was steadfast and relentless, pulling strength from who knows where . . .  never giving in.  She was there for me every inch of the way.
I truly know that as much as Ruth's dogs mean to her. . . . I mean even more.
My passion for the dedication, sacrifice, concern and care she so willingly gave in my behalf will be the driving force for my healing heart and what she did in my behalf will always be tender to my soul and will never be forgotten. 
That isn't all Ruth has given me.  She has and still continues to unselfishly share her knowledge, and  expertise,  and sacrifice her time in teaching me.  Not just about dogs but about life and being a good person as well, and being an amazing example of what she is and what she stands for.
I give tribute to you Ruth, and always will.  Thank You . . . . From the bottom of my still beating heart!

I am in awe at the Lord's hand in my life and feel richly blessed in so many ways.  I have met some wonderful people and made dear friends along the way in my quest for improving the quality and type of the Toy Aussie Breed. 
Because of one of my first purchases from Ruth I had the privilege of being the breeder of Away To Me Darby Doll,  the 2008 National TASAA Champion.  What a great little dog she is.
And because of my friend Shauna More I now house the 2007 TASAA National Champion, Pocket's Pearl of Great Price (Boo).  We are looking forward to some awesome puppies from her.
I now have and house at this time 7 very nice brood bitches, all with championships, as well as some promising up and coming males and females.
With my breeding bitches and Ruth's males I have had the opportunity to produce some very nice show quality and champion puppies and am dedicated to the challenge of continuing to do the same.

                                                            I DO LOVE THESE LITTLE AUSSIES !!!!
A Little About Us
Greg & Shana Witbeck on the Double W Ranch
at Away To Me Aussies
My dear friend Ruth Vanderhoof of Pocket Aussie's with her Champion, and Champion producing male Rush
best buds

We along with our children, son-inlaws and grandchildren enjoy the beauty
here at the Double W.  Every time I walk out the door I thank my Heavenly
Father for being so blessed and living in such a beautiful place.  Our lives are      
       rich, busy and full of hard work while raising and training horses, kids and of        course man's best friend, our aussies.
Away To Me Darby Doll of Alta Aussies
Bred by Shana Witbeck
owned by Val Nilsson & Cheryl Bevens
of Alta Aussies
Pockets Pearl Of Great Price
Bred by Ruth Vanderhoof
Owned by Shauna More
of  Compact Classic Aussies
Away To Me Darby Doll of Alta Aussies
Winner of the 2008 TASAA Nationals
A Moment in Time
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